CODEMON’s headquarters are established in the heart of the most important commercial and financial district of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  This location holds our executive, technical, and administrative offices.

Our main manufacturing workshop and warehouse is strategically located in the Dominican Republic´s busiest and main highway, just a few miles away from our headquarters and with easy access to the country’s highway network.  Our principal storage warehouse is located in this facility, where, along with our distribution center, it is in charge of storing and shipping tools, consumables, and equipment to all of our project sites.  Additionally, this facility also includes our engineering office, and a manufacturing, sand blasting and painting workshop with the capacity to produce 200 tons per month of diverse steel structures such as: tanks, ducts, cyclones, metallic supports, and piping prefabrication, among others.

Our maintenance shop and equipment garage are located in this site as well.   CODEMON has a dedicated team of mechanical and electrical technicians who are exclusively in charge of maintaining and repairing all of our equipment and tools, including the physical plant of the warehouse and workshop, to ensure the sustainability, quality, and safety of our operations.

Located in the town of Maimón, near the country’s geographical center, CODEMON has a secondary workshop facility with the capacity to produce 50 tons per month of diverse steel structures.  This facility tends the specific needs of our clients in the area and serves as support to our main workshop.