About us

Founded in 1992, Compañía Dominicana de Montaje, S.A. (CODEMON) is a specialized firm in the field of mechanical engineering.

Our technical and financial capacity has credited us as one of the most prestigious companies nation wide as well as in certain areas of Central America and the Caribbean

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Corporate Profile

CODEMON’s headquarters are located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, holding our technical and administrative staff.

Our manufacturing workshop and main storage facilities are located a few kilometers away from the main office. This area holds a technical office, storage for tools and equipments; and a manufacturing, sand blasting and painting workshop.

We have the capacity to produce 200 tons per month of diverse steel structures such as: tanks, ducts, cyclones, metallic supports, and piping fabrication, among others.
Quality Assurance
CODEMON is focused in the continuous improvement of its operations, directed to elevate the quality of our services. The application of the most recognized codes in the area of electromechanical installations (ASME, AW, API, DIN, etc.) along with an intelligent handling of modern systems of quality guarantee a good work development process both in execution as in completion time.
Safety Standards
Security is an integral part of our work.

Our staff is trained in the application of OSHA Norms (Occupational Safety And Health Administration), as well as the local, Caribbean and Central American Regulations.

The continuous applications and improvements of security procedures guarantee the safe execution of our daily work.

Recent Projects